Portion Cups

Soufflé cups are extremely versatile and handy accessories in any food service industry. These disposable cups can be used in many applications, ranging from sit down dining to take-out service. When you use these portion cups with their compatible lids, guests can take sauces, condiments, dressings and more with them without contents spilling.
Item # Discription Qt/Cs
150PC 1.5oz Soufflé cup 2500
200PC 2oz Soufflé cup 2500
325PC 3.25oz Soufflé Cup 2500
400PC 4oz Soufflé Cup 2500
550PC 5.5oz Soufflé Cup 2500
PL200N Soufflé lid, Fits 1.5oz &2oz Cup 2500
PL4N Soufflé lid, Fits 3.25oz, 4oz, & 5.5oz Cup 2500

These soufflé cups also help reduce the amount of wasted product. Available in various capacities, they provide the perfect serving size of any complimentary sauce. And, since these disposable portion cups are made from durable break-resistant materials, they’re sure to hold up throughout transport.

Cups and lids available in 1, 2, 3.25, 4, 5.5 ounce sizes and in clear and black plastic options as well as paper.