Carry-out Containers

Enhance your to-go business with versatile and convenient hinged take-out containers. These containers are able to maintain food’s freshness by locking in temperatures and moisture. They’re also well-known for their durability and will keep your food intact until it reaches its final destination. The hinged lid design makes these boxes easy to open and close without much effort, and the covers prevent foods from spilling out during transport.

We offer a wide selection of hinged take-out containers to best fit your business’ needs. From all-purpose containers to compartmented options designed to carry several sides, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re serving hot dogs and hoagies or offering slices of cakes and pies, we have containers to suit the shape of your entree, side, or dessert.

Offered in a variety of sizes and in plastic, foam, and molded fiber options







Item #

Foam 5″x5.5″x3″ 500 50HT1
Foam 6″x6″x3″ 500 60HT1
Foam 7″x3.75″x3″ 500 72HT1
Foam 9.5″x9.25″x3″ 200 95HT1R
Foam 9.5″x9.25″x3″ (3 compartment) 200 95HT3R
Foam 9″x9″x3.25″ 150 YTD1-9901
Foam 9.75″x5″x3″ 560 OTH1-0099
Molded Fiber 6″x6″x3″ 500 HL-66
Molded Fiber 9″x9″x3″ 200 HL-91
Molded Fiber 9″x9″x3″ (3 compartment) 200 HL-93
Plastic 9.25″x4.5″x3″ 250 YCI8-1049
Plastic 5.25″x5.5″x2.75″ 500 C53PST1
Plastic 6″x5.75″x3″ 500 C57PST1
Plastic Sandwich Wedge 250 4511019
Plastic 12oz Banana Boat 500 SB-12