Paper Cups

Recycled paper cups are the eco-friendly solution to supplying your customers with your most popular hot or cold drinks. We also offer lids that fit on these cups perfectly to create a seal and prevent spills during transport.

Perfect for coffee shops, break rooms, and convenience stores, these recycled paper cups come in a variety of sizes, so you can serve every customer the small, medium, or large drink they want. They’re also available in different designs and insulation options to best suit your needs.

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Item #

Plain White 10oz 1000 370W
Plain White 12oz 1000 412WN
Plain White 16oz 1000 5356CD
Plain White 20oz 500 5360CD
Plain White 24oz 500 5364CD
Jazz 5oz 3000 R53
Jazz 6oz 1000 376JZ
Jazz 7oz 2000 R7N
Jazz 12oz 2000 R12N
Jazz 16oz 1000 RW16
Jazz 21oz 1000 RSP21P
Cone 4oz 5000 4R
Cone 6oz 5000 6R
Cone 8oz 2500 8R