Cleaning hard, dried on, or sticky messes can be a pain without the proper equipment. With our variety scrubbing pads, were sure to have the perfect fit for any size job. From Stainless steel to lighter duty abrasive pads, we have the pad to clean up any mess.



Item Number Description Qt/bx
86 Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scrub Pad 12
96 Scotch-Brite General Purpose Scrub Pad 20
98 Scotch-Brite Light Duty Scrub Pad 20
7447 Scotch-Brite General Purpose Scrub Pad Maroon 20
10116 Stainless Steel Scrubber 12
sc200 Scruber Sponge Combo 5/8ea
82027 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 6/4ea