Cleaners and Deoderizers

Whether it’s breaking down year old grease or a quick sanitation wipe down. Regez Supply Co carries all of the cleaning and sanitizing agents you might need. From All-Purpose cleaners to food safe sanitizers, restroom cleaners and deodorizers to floor cleaners and treatments. We’re certain we carry any and all cleaning agents you may need.



All-Purpose Cleaners
Item Number Discription Qt/Cs
WOW4 WOW All-Purpose Cleaner 4/1gal
CITRUS4 Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner 4/1gal
LFOAM ChlorFoam Foaming Cleaner 5gal
02287 Comet Cleaner w/ Bleach 8/32oz
0195007 Deptal CSM Foaming Cleaner 5gal
04373 Fabuloso All-Purpose Ocean Cool Scent 4/1gal
00459 Green Works All-Purpose Cleaner 12/32oz
75352 Lysol Lemon Scent 12/32oz
80313 Lysol Mountain Fresh Scent 12/32oz
74392 Lysol Professional Cleaner 4/1gal
72372 Pledge Lemon Scent All-Purpose Cleaner 12/9.7oz
SPC4 Special Cleaner 4/1gal
15519 Soft Scrub Cleanser w/ Bleach 6/32oz
13033 Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner 12/32oz
Bathroom Cleaners
Item Number Discription Qt/Cs
BC12 High Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner 12/32oz
00294 Bulk Disenfectant Washroom Cleaner 4/1gal
00031 Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner 12/24oz
5325322 Foaming Acid Washroom Cleaner 4/1gal
LABCQ4 Low Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner 4/32oz
75004036 Luster NonAcid Toilet Bowl Cleaner 12/32oz
RRCRTU4 Rest Room Cleaner& Deoderizer (RTU) 4/32oz
RCS4 Rest Room Cleaner& Deoderizer (Consentrate) 4/1gal
50032 Simple Green Lime Scale Remover 12/32oz
30966 Clorox Germicidal Bleach 3/121oz
75000350 Prime Source Ultra Germicidal Bleach 6/1gal
Bar/Resturaunt Cleaners
Item Number Discription Qt/Cs
90223 Beer Clean Last Rinse 100pkg/7g
990224 Beer Clean Low Sud Glass Cleaner 100pkg/14g
90203 Beer Clean Last Rinse Sanitizer 2/709g
990241 Beer Clean Low Sud Glass Cleaner 2/1.8kg
6470400 Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser 1/26oz
RRLS4 Rinse Rite Low Sud Cleaner 4/1gal
Item Number Discription Qt/Cs
00014 409 Heavy Duty Degreaser 4/1gal
136 Devour Foaming Degreaser 4/1gal
HUT Heads-Up-10 Degreaser 4/1gal
TBCS Thunder Blast Industrial Degreaser 4/32oz
75004130 Tuff Duty Degreaser 4/1gal
13005 Simple Green Degreaser 6/1gal
SORTUCS Spray Off Degreaser 4/32oz
Floor Cleaners
Item Number Discription Qt/Cs
BCC30 Black Top Cleaner
75004088 Defoamer Carpet Cleaner
FM4 Floor Magic Floor Cleaner
LK4 Liquid Floor Cleaner
75004508 Mirage High Gloss Floor Finisher/Wax
97301 Pinesol Lavender Scent Floor Cleaner
35418 Pinesol Lemon Scent Floor Cleaner
40199 Pinesol Lemon Scent Floor Cleaner
97402 Resolve Carpet Cleaner
SF100 Security Floor Treatment
SF400 Security Floor Treatment
05150 Sweeping Compound
Glass Cleaners
Item Number Discription Qt/Cs
4051 Film Free Glas Cleaner 4/1gal
75004050 Film Free Glas Cleaner 12/32oz
20500 Sparkle Glass Cleaner 4/1gal
70331 Windex w/ Vingar 4/1gal
WK12 Window Cleaner 12/32oz
WK4 Window Cleaner 4/1gal
Item Number Discription Qt/Cs
NC4 One Step Quarternary Cleaner 4/1gal
QDRTUCS Food Service Sanitizer (RTU) 4/32oz
QDII Food Service Sanitizer (Concentrate) 4/1gal
LIK155 Sanitizer Concentrate 5gal
LIK154 Sanitizer Concentrate 4/1gal
Q94384 Sani-Wipe Sanitizing Wipe 6pkg/95
Item Number Discription Qt/Cs
C-107 Wild Cherry Aerosol 12/7oz
C-116 Mega Mango Aerosol 12/7oz
C-118 Country Garden Aerosol 12/7oz
C-122 Spicy Cinnamon Aerosol 12/7oz
75004112 Fresh Linen Aerosol 12/7oz
9C94 Rubbermaid Lemon-Lime Gel Canister 6
9C95 Rubbermaid Wintergreen Gel Canister 6
9C97 Rubbermaid Cinnamon Gel Canister 6
455717TM Very Cherry Gel Canister 12
04675 Lysol Fresh Scent Aerosol 12/19oz
77045 Glade Hawaiian Breeze Aerosol 12/13.8oz