From minor spills to major clean ups, our variety of wipers are perfect for any workplace clean up. For cleaning hands after a dirty job try our Scrubs-in-a-Bucket (42272). These heavy duty moist wipers wipe clean even heavy grease. For more delicate finishing wipe-downs, try our ToolBox Brand Scrim 4Ply wipers(15200) for a softer final wipe.



Item Number Description Qt/Cs
15200 ToolBox Scrim Pop-up Wiper 8bx/175ct
29922 Shur-Wipe 3ply Brown Wiper 600/cs
29756/03 AccuWipe Wiper 20/140ct
34155 KimTex Tow Lint Wiper 60/280ct
41029 Wypall X80 Red Wiper 4/50ct
42272 Scrubs-In-A-Bucket Waterless Wipe 6/72ct
5025001 ToolBox Z400 Ifold White Wiper 8bx/100ct
53264 Blue Rag-on-a-Roll Shop Towel 30rl/60ct
5701 Wypall L40 White Wiper 12/56ct
5776 Wypall L40 Blue Wiper 12/56ct
6010701 ToolBox Z600 Qfold Wiper 12/80ct
78300 ToolBox T700 Jumbo Roll Wiper 870ct