Plastic Deli Containers

Deli containers are versatile, economical, and convenient for customers who are taking their food home with them. Whether you’re packing side dishes like potato salad or you’re selling individual ingredients like cut fruit, we have the containers you need for your deli counter or grocery store. Many containers are clear plastic to increase product visibility and help customers identify the contents; However, we also offer some containers in white and black color options. We have round, rectangular and square containers for any application.



Standard deli containers offered in 8, 12, 16, 28, 32 ounce sizes. More possibly available for special order.





Item #

8oz Clear 500 RD08C
12oz Clear 500 RD12C
16oz Clear 500 RD16C
32oz Clear 500 RD32C
Lid Clear 500 RDTFL
8oz White 500 RD08W
12oz White 500 RD12W
16oz White 500 RD16W
32oz White 500 RD32W
32oz Bowl Black 300 SBM-32B
32oz Bowl Lid Clear 200 SDLM-2
5.75″x5″x1.5″ Hinged Clear 210 CS1-08T