Hair and Arm Guards

Maintain a healthy and sanitary environment in the food industry by reducing the possibility of contaminants with our wide range in sizes, colors and styles of Hair Nets and Arm Guards.



Hair Nets
Color Size Style Item Number
White 21″ Nylon HN21W
White 24″ Nylon HN24W
White 19″ Bouffant W-110NWSMI19
White 21″ Bouffant BC21W
White 24″ Bouffant BC24W
White 24″ Bouffant W-110NWI
White 28″ Bouffant 110NWI-10-28
Brown 18″ Nylon K218HNBR
Brown 21″ Nylon HN21BR
Brown 24″ Nylon HN24BR
Brown 28″ Nylon HN21BR
Drk Brown 22″ Nylon 109I
Blue 21″ Bouffant BC21B
Blue 24″ Bouffant BC24B
Red 21″ Bouffant 110NWI-21RBG-10
Orange 21″ Bouffant W110NWI21ORG
Beard Nets
White N/A Bouffant BR1
White N/A Bouffant 112NWI-White
Arm Guards
Color Size Style Item Number
White 18″ Poly AG-NWI
Blue 18″ Poly AG-NWI-BLUE
Blue 18″ Poly 569