Foam Trays

With our wide variety of foam trays package all of your produce with ease and precision. For your convenience we carry our trays in a variety of colors to help organize your produce and sizes to better suit any size product. More sizes available upon request please contact us for more information.



Foam Trays

Item Number




1S Charcoal 5.1×5.1x.6 1000
1S White 5.1×5.1x.6 1000
1S Rose 5.1×5.1x.6 1000
1 1/2 Charcoal 3.75×8.38x.6 1000
2S Charcoal 8.2×5.7x.6 500
2S White 8.2×5.7x.6 500
2S Rose 8.2×5.7x.6 500
2S Blue 8.2×5.7x.6 500
2S Yellow 8.2×5.7x.6 500
4S Charcoal 9.1×7.1x.6 500
4S White 9.1×7.1x.6 500
4S Rose 9.1×7.1x.6 500
8S Charcoal 10x8x.6 500
8S White 10x8x.6 500
10S White 10.8×5.7x.6 500
12S White 11x9x.6 250
17S Charcoal 8.3×4.8x.6 1000
17S White 8.3×4.8x.6 1000
17S Rose 8.3×4.8x.6 1000
20S Charcoal 8.7×6.2x.6 500
20S Rose 8.7×6.2x.6 500