Dispenser Towels

We carry a variety of towels that fit each of our dispensers. Whether you need towels in your restrooms, kitchens, or around your work areas, we’re sure we have the perfect fit for every need. To find towels that fit a specific dispenser please look up that dispenser to match a towel. If you can not find a specific towel, please contact us at our office or fill out a general contact form and our customer service team will assist you.



Dispenser Towels
Roll Towel
Item Number Discription Qt/Cs
01000 Scott Brand White Roll Towel 12/1000′
01080 Kimberly Clark White Roll Towel 12/450′
25002 Response 2ply Center-Pull Towel 6/600′
26301 Pacific Blue Brown Towel 12/350′
26401 enVision Brown Towel 12/350′
26470 Sofpull White Towel 6/1000′
26480 Sofpull Brown Towel 6/1000′
26495 Pacific Blue Brown Towel 6/1150′
28000 Pacific Blue White 12/350′
30100 Response White Dispenser Towel 12/350′
30300 Response White Dispenser Towel 6/800′
30500 Response White Dispenser Towel 12/600′
30700 Retain Brown Dispenser Towel 6/800′
89440 enMotion Brown Towel 6/700′
89460 enMotion White Towel 6/800′
Fold Towels
Item Number Discription Qt/Cs
01500 Kimberly Clark White C-fold Towel 16/150ct
01770 WyPall Sani-prep Dairy Towel 12/200ct
21000 Pacific Blue White Multifold Towel 16/125ct
21280 Retain White Multifold Towel 16/250ct
21580 Retain Brown Multifold Towel 16/250ct
21701 Response 1ply Blue Windsheild Towel 9/223ct
21750 Response White Single Fold Towel 16/250ct
23504 Pacific Blue Brown Single Fold Towel 16/250cs