Cheese Wax

Wide selection for the most discerning cheese makers. Both custom and standard waxes are available at the pinnacle of quality.



Feature flexibility and outstanding durability as coverings for quality cheeses. Manufactured only in the USA. Controlled production attains high FDA standards. Pigments in the colored cheese waxes also conform to FDA standards. BW-100E: Formulated to be a more adhesive wax than the other BWI grades of cheese wax. The BW-100E can also be applied at higher temperatures to remove moisture from the cheese surface. The BW-100E is amber in color. BW-100F: Formulated to be a versatile cheese wax, which can be used for a variety of shapes and sizes of cheese. The BW-100F is light amber in color and tends be the hardest of the BWI cheese waxes. BW-100E: Specifically formulated for large cheese tubes or cylinders, such as provolone. The BW-100I is light in color, but is also thicker and more flexible than the other BWI cheese waxes. BW-100J: Formulated to be the most flexible and “peelable” of all of the BWI cheese waxes. It is the softest of the BWI cheese waxes, but can be used in a variety of applications. All of the BWI grades of cheese waxes are approved for direct food contact under FDA regulations. All of the above grades are available in any FDA compliant color.