7200 GOJO Pro TDX

Ideal for locker rooms, tool cribs/rooms, clean-up sinks, and production and maintenance areas, this dispenser helps promote workplace health and sanitation. The diamond plate design offers a rugged, durable look, with a large sight window for at-a-glance monitoring. Portion control helps reduce waste.



The GOJO Pro TDX Series has a 2000mL capacity and fits:


Pro TDX Series
Item Number Description Qt/Cs
7220-04 GOJO Rich Pink Antibacterial Lotion Soap 4/2000mL
7250-04 GOJO Natural Smooth Orange Hand Cleaner 4/2000mL
7255-04 GOJO Natural Orange Hand Cleaner w/Pumice 4/2000mL
7265-04 GOJO Multi Green Hand Cleaner 4/2000mL
7272-04 GOJO Supro MAX Hand Cleaner 4/2000mL
7280-04 GOJO E2 Sanitizing Lotion Soap 4/2000mL
7282-04 GOJO Supro MAX Cherry Hand Cleaner 4/2000mL
7290-04 GOJO Cherry Gel w/ Pumice Hand Cleaner 4/2000mL
7295-04 GOJO Power Gold Hand Cleaner 4/2000mL