1920 Purell LTX

This sleek White on White automated sanitizer dispenser by Purell is a great addition to your work station. Keeping your work place germ free insures that your work staff can be kept at full force along with maintaining a food safe environment with a easily operated sanitizer dispenser.


This dispenser has a 1200mL capacity and fits:

LTX Series

Item Number Description Qt/Cs
1903-02 Purell Advanced Green Sanitizing Gel 2/1200mL
1904-02 Purell Advanced Green Sanitizing Foam 2/1200mL
1905-02 Purell Advanced Sanitizing Foam 2/1200mL
1906-02 Purell Advanced Skin Nourishing Sanitizing Foam 2/1200mL
1907-02 Purell Waterless Surgical Scrub 2/1200mL