Plastic Utensils

These plastic utensils are easy for your customers to put in their take-out bags or grab from your self-service station when dining in. Because this cutlery is disposable, you no longer need to worry about tarnishing and can save dishwashing time. Additionally, these utensils are easier to transport than non-disposable alternatives, making them excellent for casual catered events.

Our selection features many styles of knives, forks, and spoons to suit all types of meal services and decor. In addition, some of our plastic flatware comes individually wrapped or in kits for easy grabbing on the go. We even offer plastic serving utensils that are great for soup and salad stations or buffets.



Type Color Weight Qt/cs Item Number
Fork White Med 1000 1012000
Fork White Hvy 1000 1012008
Knife White Med 1000 1011000
Knife White Hvy 1000 1011008
Spoon White Med 1000 1013000
Spoon White Hvy 1000 1013008
8″ Soda Spoon White Med 1000 1016000
Soup Spoon White Med 1000 1014000
Fork Clear Hvy 1000 GDC5FK
Knife Clear Hvy 1000 GDC6KN
Spoon Clear Hvy 1000 GDC7TS

Individually Wrapped

Type Color Weight Qt/cs Item Number
Fork White Med 1000 1102000
Fork Black Hvy 1000 1112006
Knife White Med 1000 1101000
Spoon White Med 1000 1103000
Spoon Black Hvy 1000 1113006
Soup Spoon White Med 1000 1104000
Soup Spoon Black Hvy 1000 1114006
Cutlery Kit White Med 250 1171241
Cutlery Kit Black Hvy 250 CH56NSPC7